Monday, October 28, 2013

Sample Sale Sunday

So yesterday I decided to seize the day and check out my first ever sample sale! I signed up to receive e-mails about the latest sales in the city through a site called and they sent me one about Zadig and Voltaire for this weekend. My experience was a bit chaotic and I actually got lost on the way over.  I had to check my purse in at the front and carry around my wallet/phone in my hand, making it difficult to sift through the racks.  In addition to being somewhat handicapped because of my wallet, the aisles were extremely narrow. Pair that with crowds of aggressive new yorkers and you get a very hectic shopping experience, but I guess that's why they're called sample sales? The purpose is to sell as much as possible at reduced prices, not provide a relaxing experience.  

In my opinion, the prices weren't actually that affordable, at least for a recent college grad with little superfluous money flow.  It was still around $150 for any the sweaters and nothing worthwhile was under $50.  Unfortunately, I walked out of the sale empty handed but I did snap some pictures of the more interesting pieces I saw. Here you go!

Such a beautiful day in Manhattan!

Stopped by the main stop for fashion industry cool girls, Opening Ceremony.

Zadig and Voltaire Sample Sale

Semi-successful first sample sale!


  1. This is so cool. Love the blazers! :D

  2. I'm sorry you came out empty handed... Some of those pieces are very pretty :)

  3. Great blog, thanks for the lovely comment, definitely happy to follow each other, following you now, looking forward to your next post

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  4. Looks crazy, hectic, and somehow fun! Hope your next sample sale is more fruitful ;D



  5. Beautiful picks, sounds like you saw so many great deals at the sample sale! I feel like I would get super overwhelmed with all the options!

  6. I've always dreamt of samplesales! Thanks for the follow, following you back. ~Kat