Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Live Your Dream and Share Your Passion

I thought this day would never come, but it finally has...I bought a suit.  A recurring theme in my posts has been based on the pressures of setting yourself up for success in the business world.  Every week in every class all I hear is my professors and guest speakers repeatedly lecturing me on the importance of getting the oh-so-sought after internship.  All I feel like doing is screaming out in the middle of class "I'm just a kid!!!"  But seriously, I just turned 20 and i feel like I am being forced to grow up so fast and it scares me so much I want to go home and cuddle with my cockapoo!  I'm always quickly shot back to my reality that I am a junior  in college and that it's time to start doing things I've never done before to achieve things I've never achieved.  That means asking people for help(which I hate doing), putting together a resume, starting to take on more leadership roles, and attending career fairs.  I'm nervous but excited at the same time for what lies ahead, which is hopefully an amazing semester in Italy and a fashion-geared internship in the summer.  After having spent two fun-filled  years here at UGA I've come to know that it is time for a change, meaning every aspect of the term.  I want a new location, new food, new people, new everything.  I want to get out of my comfort zone here in Athens and be introduced to students from different states while also mixing with the local crowd.  Hopefully the Italian men aren't as creepy as I've heard?  Nevertheless, I can't imagine what I would be feeling right now if I didn't have this big adventure to keep me positive and motivated to experience something new.  I'm ready for the challenge of entering an entirely new place and adapting to the language and customs that are probably going to be a huge adjustment at first.  I should probably go buy an Italian dictionary so I'm not completely ignorant when I try to ask for directions or order at a restaurant.  I'm going to be taking more fashion-geared classes which will be completely refreshing considering I desperately need to take a hiatus from anything math-statistics-accounting related (not my strengths/favorite subjects).  I'm hoping to take more hands-on classes that will give me a sense of what the real-fashion world encompasses.  Another part of my extended stay in Italia that excites me is the chance to see the way women in Europe dress themselves.  My goal is to eventually blend into the streets and not be automatically labeled as an American tourist.  The word TOURIST makes me cringe.  The last thing I want is for the locals to look at me as an annoyance, only there to disrupt their peaceful everyday life.  I want to come home with an understanding of their way of life and hope that it changes me in the best way possible.  I thought it would be fun to post some photos of Italian street fashion to prepare me for what to expect in my new home!  These are examples of trends found on the streets of Italy's fashion capital, Milan.
These hairstyles are loud and intimidating!  I respect their courage  and creativity, however i think I'll be sticking to the natural look.

Another wild and brightly-colored ensemble creation.  I think the way she included different colors/prints with the unexpected edginess of the top makes her standout in a positive way.  Her tight up-do gives her a sophisticated element that tones down the busyness of the rest of the pieces.

I am freaking out about this look.  It just oozes coolness.  I can recreate this outfit with my own black faux leather jacket and some silky shorts.  The white top is an easy find, but the best part, in my opinion, are the oversize shades and the turquoise necklace to give a pop of color.  Bravo!

This dress reminds me of the cliche romantic Italian novel where the girl gets swept off her feet by a charming boy she met at the market earlier that day.  I could totally wear this to dinner overlooking the Mediterranean, drinking a glass of white wine and chatting about life.  

The way she paired her jean shorts with a flowy white top, black pumps, and a black chain bag is genius.  The two opposites balance perfectly to make it day or night.   

This girl is just straight up chic.  She is simple, yet pulled-together in a sexy kind of way.  I'll be on the lookout for a similar dress, which would serve as a great shopping outfit!
pictures courtesy of elle.com