Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Could be purple, it could be pink

Apologies for not posting since this summer but since life has been crAzay since school started.  Now that fall is quickly approaching (I've noticed that this week has been like one degree cooler than normal=progress!!) It's time for to start scoping out sweaters, and jeans, and boots oh my!!!  I've actually been online shopping or...browsing more or less....WAYY too much.  Even during my fashion classes ironically, when maybe I could actually learn something about the trend forecast if I could listen for five minutes.  I blame it on my laptop.  Its just so shiny and holds so many possibilities for entertainment that is most likely more interesting than yarn mills.  I keep telling myself not to bring it and pay attention but it somehow keeps weaseling its way into my backpack. Strange?
So today I had a burst of inspiration when we had this amazing guest speaker named Dill come and tell us about his life impressive list of ridiculousness basically.  It made me realize that yes, I have made great college memories to cherish forever, but I need to start setting myself up for a real career.  I've always told myself "I'll figure it out and everything will fall into place"....yeah...not the way the real world works.  I looked at my peers sitting beside me in this massive lecture hall and thought, "This is my competition.  Right here."  So when my roommates and I had our typical weeknight veg sesh in our living room I decided to DO SOMETHING.  I instantly searched "fashion internships" and dozens of websites with listings flashed onto my screen.  All it takes is some research on each company and application and BOOM.  Possibilities.  I flipped through a mediocre websites and then decided, what the hell, go straight to the top.  My idea of the top is Vogue, so I clicked the tiny careers link at the bottom and came to the internship section and of course it's not updated for next summer yet.  C'mon Vogue really?  Next up? Cosmo.  Their internship section was much more straightforward with a simple address and resumer/cover letter request.  The one detail they mentioned was that they enjoy looking at their applicants blogs, hence me reviving my own!

This is going to serve as my personal place to jot down any thoughts, ideas, or inspirations that come to me.  I have pledged to myself that I will be more fashionable every day.  Except for Fridays.  You yourself have to embrace fashion in order to understand it.  I am determined to let go of my fears and to be more experimental with my closet.   Venturing out of my nike shorts and over-sized t-shirts will be an obstacle but I know it can be done.  Look out for my weekly posts describing what new trends are approaching and how the average UGA girl can make it work when going to the SLC or Pauley's.

To start off, What do you guys think of this coat?  I'm studying abroad in Florence, Italy as some of you may know, and I know shearling is the hot new trend for winter coats.  It's from and I just
instantly fell in love.  Not too practical for Georgia, but for an Italian jetsetter? I'm thinking perfection.  Post any thoughts/opinions!!
Peace. Love. Fashion.