Today is my very first personal outfit picture for my blog! I decided to keep it casual since it's the end of the week and brought a change of clothes for the evening. I'm going to try and do at least two pictures a week, hope you like!

This beige Forever21 blazer was a purchase from about two years ago and has a TON of history.  I wore it constantly on my semester abroad in Florence, Italy during one of the coldest winters Italy has seen in 20 years.  It's surprising thick but I always add a scarf to protect my neck from the vicious wind. 

The shirt I'm wearing is from GAP, shocker I know. I walked by it on the way home from work last week and noticed they were having a sale so I checked it out.  GAP is usually too basic for my taste but I thought they might have good layering pieces.  Lo and behold, I found this adorable plaid blouse in this season's hottest hues purple, green, and royal blue.  It actually fits my chest too which can be a pain with button-ups that often pull in the front.

The jeans are Joe's Jeans which I can confidently say is the most comfortable brand of designer jeans I have owned. It can be hard to find high-end jeans that are the right length because I'm 5'4 so these were a great find.

The booties are from Asos, which I purchased way ahead of time this season for a mere $30.  Another steal!




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