Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm as free as my hair

Wheww this weekend was a whirlwind of constant fun activities starting with Thursday and ending at approximately 2am on Saturday night.  The Boise state game was a complete success!  Other than the embarrassing start to the season....but after an exhausting day saturday I decided to head home to roswell to catch up with the Inwood family and possibly get some of my mom's delicious home cooking (she made a pot roast, mashed potatoes, and brownies with marshmallows nom nom).  Lately I've really appreciated her amazing skills in the kitchen more than ever, especially since moving into a house because I have to make everything myself! Sometimes I think I should start a career in food tasting which would be so yummy and soo delicious....but I should probably stick to what I know-clothes.  Today I ventured to the most convenient mall , North point, which turned out to be a huge disappointment.  For the time being stores are just trying to rid themselves of their summer rejects, which was a huge bummer because i was on a serious hunt for a few certain staples that I just have to have this fall.  Firstly, I scoured the mall' few tasteful stores for a funky maxi skirt.  They're so easy to wear to class, dinner, or even downtown if you wear wedges to prevent any bar tar mess.  The girls in my fashion classes inspire me every day to try new things and are always so innovative with the things they have lying around their closets.  The other day one girl sported a beautiful red maxi skirt with a white tank and ankle boots, and it was at that moment that I decided I just had to have one.  Failed. The next item on my internal list were some pretty scarves to dress up a perfectly boring t-shirt and jeans ensemble.  Unfortunately I can't find pictures of them online to show you guys but I picked two really unique ones: a leopard print scarf and deep blue floral scarf.  There is also a new invention this season-the "SNOOD" which is like a scarf but it has no ends and is extremely easy to wear and comfortable.  Both will be worn frequently among the streets of Florence once I get there.   I can't seem to help it that every time I want to buy something, I always consider whether it's Italy material!!  I'm sure you can sense my extreme amount of excitement about making my four months there perfect.
Moving on from my rambling....I was also on the lookout for fall coats, in particular the one I posted in my most recent post.  The only thing I came across were some cheap looking vests with terrible lining/fit.  Looks like I will be ordering the online version!  Boots were another must-have for this season/my trip to Italy.  Boots are simply the best way to look fashionable and edgy, which is exactly why I take buying a pair so seriously.  Still searching for my perfect boot...something leather, preferably black (it goes with most of my wardrobe) but with more of a hard edge with a buckles trap or metal hardware or grommets...who knows where my dream boots are sold, but one day we will be united!  Here are some pics of my choice fall pieces:
I would definitely wear something like this around campus or shopping downtown.  This is the epitome of effortless cool.  Image from

Just bought a scarf similar to this one from H & M!  Animal prints are really hot right now and I can't wait for it to get colder so I can wear it!
Some boots similar to what I would want in my own pair.  These are from

I'm loving this motorcycle sequin jacket!  The perfect balance of rocker and party girl

There was a skirt similar to this one on but it sold out unfortunately for me.  I love the way she paired it with a white knitted crop top to tone down the busy leopard print and those intense (yet totally sexy) beige pumps.  This is also from

Last but not least....another version of the shearling jacket I want so badly!! I found this one on intermix (wayyy out of my price range!!)