I am currently living in Hoboken, NJ where I moved a week after I graduated from The University of Georgia.  I am crashing with my very gracious Aunt and Uncle along with my adorable 3-yr old cousin Max until I get my feet on the ground. I completed a 4-month internship at Mode PR where I learned the ins and outs in the world of fashion PR.  Loved the fashion and writing elements...disliked the work environment and negative aura.  I have grown up loving clothes since I was young and hope to work for a place like Refinery29 when I get enough experience to be something other than an assistant or receptionist.  For now, I am learning all about digital media at an up and coming website called Sulia and am enjoying it so far.  I am using this blog as a creative outlet for everything that inspires me in fashion. I hope you like it!


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