Monday, February 11, 2013

Fashion Week 2013 Fall/Winter Finds!

Even though I can't be in NYC physically, I have been living vicariously thru to check in everyday on what creations are coming down the runways this season.  I wanted to spotlight a few of my top picks who truly inspired me and remind me why I want to work in this industry.  There is nothing like the thrill of experiencing a brilliant collection that you can see not only yourself, but so many other people waring on a daily basis!

1) Prabal Gurung: I was in absolute awe of the contrasting leathers and silks that created a modestly sexy vibe.  The military influence is plain, but his spin on it is so fierce and modern!

2) Victoria Beckham:  Beckham masters the art of dressing the powerful business woman with her use of broad shoulders and slitted pencil skirts.  Her coats are artfully tailored and feature bold cobalts and sunny yellows to maintain a youthful feeling.

3) Jason Wu:  Jason's collection was enough for me to wish it was next winter already!  He showcases the beauty of head-to-toe black and white combinations in furs and flirtatious skirts.  Slicked back hair reflects intensely against the black fur-lined sleeves and keeps the focus on the grey snakeskin prints.

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