Monday, February 27, 2012


After getting back from Rome yesterday around 6:30 I was surprisingly not as exhausted as I thought!  My lovely roommates whipped up a healthy salad with chicken and balsamic/olive oil dressing for dinner, a nice break from all the carbs I consumed this weekend!  This morning I was woken up at a mere 8a.m. by our neighbors downstairs that decided to blast "Turn me on" as loud as humanly possible.  Not to mention that there is already enough noise with the roof construction and jack hammer?  Who knows why API put a group of girls in this apartment, I mean don't get me wrong its a cute place, but the inhabitants in this area concern me.   The other day after a night on the town we headed back to our apartment and as we approached the door a man tried to follow us into our building and was banging on the door yelling at us to open up!?! Scary stuff I know.
                  Anyways, after tossing and turning for a while I decided to start my day and go for a jog by the river.  It was such a beautiful day today, just another reminder of how blessed I am to be in Firenze!  On my way back I stopped at the Conad grocery store to pick up the week's necessities: some fresh baguette, tomatoes, wine, ham and cheese, some yummy apples, and my absolute favorite blackberry jam that I will have withdrawals from when I go home.  The grocery stores here are actually very stressful because of how fast-paced the paying process is and the fact that you have to bag your own groceries.  They are, however, environmentally friendly in that most Italians bring their own bags for their food versus using the plastic ones.  Of course I always forget to bring my bag and sometimes I feel the cashiers glaring at me as if I'm destroying the planet or something.  Come to America honey where one person uses twenty plastic bags and see how that feels!  On my way back I passed through a popular piazza with lots of street vendors where one guy hollered at me "Can I come over for dinner??!?" in reference to my grocery bags I'm assuming.  The men here have no shame in yelling at you weird/creepy things and making disgusting kissy noises every time a girl walks by.  It is "the desperate girl's haven" Amy refers to Florence as far as the dating scene.  Next I came back and got dressed for the day and made myself some caprese salad for lunch.  During this time I realized that I actually needed to do a country report on France that is due tomorrow, so I completed about half of that before Julia convinced me to go hunt down some cilantro with her.  Unbeknownst to us, Mexican food is absolutely impossible to cook here because they don't have the following key ingredients: sour cream, black beans, and cilantro.  NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!  We went into about five different stores before giving up the search and settling for some gelato at GROM, which is absolutely amazing.  I got my typical chocolate and caffe combo and thoroughly enjoyed every bite of it.  Then we headed back so I could get back to work (unfortunately) on my homework.  Overall, it was a great and pretty relaxing day for me and it is really starting to feel like this is my home.
                 I also wanted to talk a little bit about the fashion here in Italia.  It is mind-blowing how different Florence is versus UGA in terms of fashion choices.  Prior to coming here, I thought I was a pretty well-dressed person with a diverse array of looks.  No way hose.  The amount of crazyily interesting and unique combinations I have seen here has really opened my eyes to the endless possibilites of outfits.  To my surprise I have to say that the most fashionable women I have seen are the Asian tourists.  Although some of their choices are way too out-there for me personally, I truly respect the risks they take.  The absolutely are obsessed with these puffy downcoats!  Thankfully its getting warmer every day and coats aren't really necessary anymore but I wish I had known before I arrived how many cool coats they have here!  On the other hand, the Italians have much more of an effortless chic to them that the Americans here will never be able to master.  Even walking around with wet hair is a sign that you're American because an Italian woman would NEVER do that.  Black is the most popular color, another reason why we stand out because we love patterns and neon and bright colors.  The women often don sleek knee-length coats with varying buttons, tights, and some heels/heeled boots.  How in the world they manage not to face-plant on the cobble-stone streets is beyond me...My feet are STILL recovering from the weekends walking marathon.  They typically wear minimal make-up and go for a much more simplistic look.  Lucky for them, most of them have straight hair that is easily manageable, not me of course I have a head of messy curls to style.  It seems to me that they value quality versus quantity, which is the complete opposite in the U.S. where forever21 specializes in making fashionable clothes as a great price but only lasts two washes before the shape is completely deformed or shrunken.  I have never seen so many louis vuitton purses in my life.....the other day a girl about my age was carrying a brand new snakeskin hobo gucci bag, freshly purchsed outside of the store.  Soooo casual?  This would not happen in a million years where I'm from because high fashion is considered to be Tory Burch.  Going back to what I mentioned earlier, they invest in staple pieces and wear them until the end of their lives.  This might be a better concept for me to adopt because then I could fit all of my stuff in my suitcase to go home instead of sending a big box home beforehand.  Shopping addiction has flared up, help!!! I need a little more high fashion in my life and a little less disposable in my closet.
                 Lastly, I was so sad I couldn't watch the Oscar's last night!  I was able to check out the best/worst dressed of the evening on though, and I have to say that my favorite was Angelina.  She is so confident and is the definition of a strong woman, she never seems to go wrong these days!  I'm also recently intrigued by Rooney Mara, who looked very chic and edgy so I'll have to keep an eye on her in the future.  My favorite appearance was definitely Natalie Portman not only because she is one of my role models, but becuase she and her husband are such a cute couple!  I mean, how many women can graduate from Harvard, be an actress,pull off playing a professional ballerina, and be a momma?!  Only Natalie.  Well it's getting late here in Florence so I'm off to bed so I can get up to head to the studio to get some sewing done.  Ciao tutti! xoxo
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