Sunday, February 5, 2012

It is absolutely frigid here in Florence and none of us were prepared for this level of cold!  The gusts of wind practically burn your skin it's so unpleasant that we have resorted to stay in for the rest of the night instead of bearing the night.  In other good news I received my new debit card today in the mail!  Earlier this week I had a minor tragedy when I tried to withdraw money three times and got rejected.  Soon afterwards Amy pointed out that my card was expired this month and the bank just failed to inform me of that, gotta love wachovia.  So after having a short-lived panic attack and about an hour on the phone with the bank people and missing out of the school-wide dinner I got a new one over-nighted to my parents and then to me.  So I finally have money again and might be more tempted to venture into a couple of the boutiques I've been eyeing on the way to class.  This was also my first week of school, which so far I am really enjoying.  I have a feeling of excitement for all the projects and and lectures that never happens for my classes at Uga.  On thursday I was so overcome with a sense of fulfillment that I could myself smiling way more than normal.  And I know the reason is because I'm taking subjects that interest me and will actually apply to my career instead of slaving over things like accounting and finance.  It's also been great meeting the people in my classes, I met a guy from Washington D.C. in my international marketing class who I partnered up with to do an exercise and a couple of girls from Clemson (Southerner's yay!!!).  My teacher has worked in the fashion industry for 15 years so hopefully I can get to know her better and she can give me some career advice!  After that I had Italian, which by the way, this is the first time I have ever wanted to start a language course so badly!  It will be so much less intimidating to interact with the street vendors and waiters once I learn some key phrases and  can actually hold a conversation.  That night we headed over to our favorite hangout Naima through the snow and had a few beers just to get out of the apartment for a little while.  Wednesday I had a grueling day with class all the way from 9am to 640 was worse than high school!  First I had fashion illustration, which is a very fun class that teaches you the steps to become a fashion designer.  We went on a little field trip to buy art supplies for sketching models and picked up sketchbooks and portfolios.  The people in my class were very diverse, a rowdy group of friends from Mexico City provided me with lots of entertainment.  Especially Mario, a chubby, yet very sassy boy that made me laugh on several occasions when he would say "Chowwwww!" I also made friends with a girl from Sweden who I went to lunch with during our break at the school cafe where we had a panini and warm cappuccino.  She is very sweet and speaks fairly good english, it was just interesting to talk to someone from different a completely different country.  Then we headed back and learned how to start drawing mannequins in different positions which is surprisingly VERY hard.  That's a skill I'm definitely going to have to refine....Next I had design sewing and I learned how to thread a sewing machine and did some basic stitches but I am definitely on the path to making finished pieces of clothing!
I really love my fashion marketing teacher, she waltzed in with a fendi computer bag and a louis vuitton purse and was dressed to the nines in a sweater dress with a fur collar and over-the-knee chanel leather boots.  Very high fashion for a teacher.  We even get to watch "The September Issue," the documentary about the life of Anna Wintour.  So awesome!My walk to class is always enjoyable, the building is located in the high fashion area so I always casually walk past Chanel, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton on the way and ogle at the shiny shoes and luxurious handbags.  It feels like I'm in a dream and I'm just waiting to wake up.  Sometimes I consider moving here to live and do fashion because it's actually more high fashion than I expected.  Being here has opened my eyes to all my options for careers and ways of life and it is so refreshing!  Now I just have to go to a few bookstores and copy shops to pick up all my books (which are way cheaper here btw) and sewing supplies before next Tuesday! On thursday night we all went to an apertivo, which is where you go to a bar and pay for one drink and the have a buffet of food all-you-can eat.  It was really fun and there were so many Italians there enjoying blowing off some steam after a long day of work?  On the way home we picked up some yummy cookies and desserts to munch on.  Loving my new Florentine life! Xoxo

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